Hair Trends for Men 2015


Based on the latest runways and street style from the world’s most fashionable cities, take inspiration from our Northampton Hair Salon with our predictions for the top new hairstyles for men 2015. Remember that trends for men evolve at a pace that you can keep up with. The barbering trend of 2014 will continue and new looks will be variations of current styles. At Christian Wiles Hairdressing we’re feeling motivated, are you looking for a new style sir? Take inspiration from Christian Wiles as we give you an insight into what designers think you will be wearing this year.


If you have a thick or thin head of hair, both can benefit from a short textured hairstyle. Add some product and tousle your hair with your fingers until you achieve the look you want for a bang on trend style. This works well for every hair type and is a good way to add volume to fine or thin hair. For thick and unruly hair, texturizing will help to eliminate bulk. Speak to your stylist at Christian Wiles about creating dimension and texture to your hair.

Messy textured styles are growing in popularity. Keeping plenty of length through the top, while styling the hair forward onto the face, just let the finished product have some texture and wildness for a bang on trend style.


Long healthy hair is an attractive asset to any man, but not every man has what it takes to pull off wearing their hair long. For a casual look long hair for men should not look freshly blow dried, aim for a relaxed look rather than overly preened.  The man bun has a lot to do with this, replacing the questionable ponytails of the past. Long hair doesn’t have to be really long, but whatever style you prefer, hair needs proper care so be sure to keep up with regular trims to keep your hair in tip top condition, though you won’t need them as frequently as with short hair. Long haired men will stand out in any crowd, there is no doubt about it.


Following on from long hairstyles, brings in the option to wear your hair tied back. Also known as a top knot this hairstyle is a variation of the man bun in that the hair is grown long enough to allow tying it up. An attractive man is at least seven times more attractive when he’s rocking a man bun!  Brush your long hair back with your fingers into a ponytail or top knot, if your hair is in great condition this style will suit almost anyone. Top knots can work really well combined with a scruffy shaggy beard. A true pioneer of the top knot hair raising trend is David Beckham, what more can I say? Hair trends for 2015 are dynamic and versatile, an important point these days when you may need to look professionally groomed at work, but prefer a high fashion look for your leisure time. Sleek, shiny, slicked back, looking cool and we’re loving it. The current trend is for shorter on the sides, longer on the top cuts, that are classic and dapper while still being modern and edgy. Add product for some hold and shine, and you’ve got a clean, masculine, sexy, versatile look. Take a look at our slick and shiny hairstyle ideas at Christian Wiles that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

We specialize in men’s hair at our hairdressing salon in Northampton and are aware of the latest trends for gent’s haircuts and styles to create your new look. To book in for your hair appointment at our traditional hair salon give us a call on 01604 604042.

Festival Hairstyle Inspiration for 2015


With the Holy Grail of all festivals Glastonbury kicking off this month, soon to be followed by Benicassim, Secret Garden Party, Lovebox, Exit Festival, Hideout, Lattitude, and Bestival – it looks as if we are about to embark upon yet another summer of love!


Christian Wiles Hairdressing Salon in Northampton knows that looking your best at a festival is challenging, and your hair will need a LOT of preparation.

Choosing the right products for your ‘festival hair’ is essential so before you decide on your look, we’ve put together a few top tips to get you through the festival season looking great.

Our absolute top tip is to get creative. Hit the shops before the festival and choose your hair accessories like headbands, headdresses, clips and floppy hats.

Experiment with ponytails and plaits before the festival to make a look that works for you. Floral crowns are timeless at festivals – creating high impact with minimum effort making them the ultimate Festival look!

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Pastel Shades

Pastel shades and beach waves create the ultimate festival feel à la Jordan Dunn. This can be a temporary hair colour (using hair chalk) or for a more permanent look, pre lighten the hair and apply a semi permanent hair dye which will last around six to eight washes depending on how porous the hair is.

Pretty Plaits & Boho Braids

Plaits and braids are always a winner at festivals as they are easy to do; go well with any outfit and can easily be kept in all weekend or taken out to reveal wavy locks for a day or to

Boho Chic

For that Boho finish introduce subtle beach waves into the hair or flowers for that romantic hippy look. Wears feather that work as a great hair accessory to enhance that summer feel. Boho waves epitomise everything that a festival look should be – with super cute make-up, loose beach swept hair and a festival favourite, the flower hair accessory – you will look the part!

Christian Wiles Hairdressing’s Essential Hair Checklist

• STYLE LINK Style Fixer Hairspray (fantastic for hold)
• STYLE LINK Height Riser Volume Powder (great for volume)
• An assortment of clips and accessories
• A covered band for ponytails
• Brush and comb
• Hat!!!
• A small hand mirror

Top 5 Hipster Hairstyles for Men


1. The “Caesar” Buzz Cut

Caeser Buzzcut 3With the release of the latest Cohen Brothers movie ‘Hail Caesar’ bringing this classic cut back to the big screens, we expect to see a huge resurgence of this ultra-cool, edgy style in 2016.

The ‘Caesar haircut’ has always been a popular buzz cut among fashion-forward guys for good reason. The short length of the style makes it easy to maintain, and looks great when you work in a little texture for a messy, understated look. It will stay in place all day, with little to no maintenance required.



2. The Pompadour Skin Fade

pompadour skin fadeThis pompadour with a skin fade is a newer take on the classic style for 2016, and it’s undoubtedly dapper. You can make the pompadour more or less dramatic depending on your style, and both work for different situations.

If you like the ultra-short look, ask your Stylist at Christian Wiles Hairdressing to use a #2 or #3 on the sides and fade from there. Anything longer won’t give you this look. There should still be some length on top, but the amount is up to you.




3. The Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected UndercutDisconnected undercuts are the most popular variation of the classic undercut hairstyle and are set to be huge for 2016. So, what makes this different than any other undercut?!

Well, it’s disconnected! Meaning the sides of the hair are short and more importantly all one size, this creates a noticeable contrast between the sides of the hair and the top.





4. The Slick Back & Beard Combo

Slick Back and BeardIn 2016, we forecast a high-shine look taking center stage, which means lots of pomade. Like a side part, slicked hair is a versatile technique that can be paired with other styles. It’s appropriate for both short and long hair, but curly-haired fellows may not be able to achieve the look.

And, while the hipster beard may have gone (somewhat) out of style, we expect to see lots of facial hair in 2016. Whether you’re capable of growing only a bit of stubble or a full beard, you’ll find endless ways to incorporate your facial hair into your hairstyles.



5. Short, Styled Curls

Caeser Buzz Cut 2Whether you go short and defined or long and loose, you’ll be part of a new wave of men’s hairstyles for 2016. There’s a variety of ways to style your curls, from subtle, gentle curls to curly-fry locks.

You can pair your curls with an undercut or a skin fade for a look that will stand out from the rest for its uniqueness. If you have curly hair, get your hands on some high quality styling products and get ready for the new year.




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